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New 11" square plate
11" square plate
2 choices
New 12" round plate
12" round plate
2 choices
New 15" round platter
15" round platter
2 choices

New 16" round bowl
16" round bowl
2 choices
New 20 x 9" XL plank
20 x 9" XL plank
2 choices

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The sarong-makers of Bali have intrigued Annie since her first visit in 1982. Bali Bronze is Annie’s interpretation of the first sarong she collected, with an enlarged satin gold and copper Ikat design. The woven pattern is textured onto the glass to imitate the warp and weft of the sarong’s weaving. Available in 5 sizes for entertaining or home accents.

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16 16" round bowl

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Annie Morhauser fell in love with the beauty of glass when she first saw it being blown on the beach over 30 years ago. She graduated from the California College of the Arts with training in a range of glass techniques, but it was developing her own ...Read More »

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