July 19, 2017
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Invigorate your senses with our Lavender Mint. Relax, great for babies too!
breathe and enjoy this unique herbal blend.
Fresh, cool mint is blended with lavender, clary sage,
and spearmint to evoke an
uplifting and aromatic scent.

Relaxing   Niven Morgan   Home Fragrance

Brand: Niven Morgan

July 19, 2017

07/19/17 · 06:39 PM
Jason Solarek picture
Jason at Bridge:
Private comment
I've met Niven. He makes a quality product. I bet this is nice.

07/20/17 · 11:56 AM
Purple Armadillo Again, LLC picture
Purple at Purple Armadillo Again, LLC:
Private comment
Awesome, his cologne for men too! Did you talk to him about the Bridge? I sent an email to him! He's Louisiana born & raised!

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