July 11, 2017

How to properly burn a candle.

Have you ever wondered why when you burn a candle it burns down the center or you only smell it when it’s burning? The answer is how good is your candle. A good candle will smell even unlit, while a cheaper one will only smell while it burns. So here’s what I’ve learned. You buy a good candle. Then you light your candle & let it burn for about 11/2 hours or less as long as the entire top has melted evenly. Sometimes it takes a little longer. You can move it from room to room during that time but DO NOT PUT IT OUT. Once it has liquified, then you can dip the wick or snuff it out. NEVER EVER blow it out, because you will only smell the burn and lose the ambience of the candle. Once it hardens, you can clip the wick & relight it again whenever you want. It should last a good 40hours or more depending on quality.
Thanks, Weezie
Purple Armadillo Again, LLC